Terms and Conditions

  • Batch Solution

      Batch Solution is a cloud-based solution designed, developed and owned by OptiSol Business Solution and hosted on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud data center located in the east coast of North America.

      Batch Solution is designed to be available 24*7 subject to maintenance. Clients shall be notified on scheduled maintenance.

      OptiSol shall provide the facilities, personnel, equipment, software, hardware and other necessary facilities to offer Batch Solution on the cloud to the client

      Client may acquire services from Batch Solution only to the extent of services acquired by them through standard subscriptions provisioned in the BS platform. The client has the option to subscribe to different programs available in the BS platform

  • Definitions and Interpretations

      Agreement, Agreement, unless the contrary appears: “Agreement” means the agreement for the Services made between OptiSol Business Solution and the Customer in accordance with these terms and conditions and the Registration Form.

      “Customer” means any legal entity specified in the Registration Form and on whose behalf this Agreement is executed. They are sometimes referred to as “Clients” and they shall perform their business operations within the geographical borders of the United States of America

  • Content and Data Protection

      Content consist of all data and information that the client or its authorized personnel provides or inputs in to the Batch Solution in the form of excel uploads or any other formats. Use of Batch Solution will not alter the existing ownership that the client has on these content in any means

      The content will be stored within the authorized account of the client with Batch Solution for a period of 3 years from the date on which it is uploaded

      All the data uploaded in to Batch Solution will be treated as Confidential and shall be available only to the authorized users of the client with Batch Solution

      All the data uploaded in to Batch Solution will be disclosed to the personnel managing Batch Solution only to the extent necessary to deliver Batch Solution and shall not be used directly or indirectly by any of the personnel from OBS

  • Data Security

      All the data uploaded into Batch Solution is stored in our secured virtual machines hosted on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud data center located in the east coast region of North America

      All data uploaded are securely stored in the Azure database that can be accessed directly only from allocated machine IP ‘s from the network of OBS.

      The database is additionally secured by a combination of user name and password that are available only with the specific personnel of OBS

      Any data that are transported over public domain are encrypted using Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol that provides a very strong authentication, message privacy, and detects any unwanted message tampering, interception and forgery so it protects from these data risks

      The Batch Solution platform is also configured behind a HTTPS protocol so that it creates a secured channel for any data transferred to / from Batch Solution over an in secured network

      All data uploaded in the database is available only for authenticated users from the client office

  • Updates

      OBS at its sole discretion, make bug fixes, enhancements and additional features without impacting the existing features provisioned to the client

      OBS shall notify the client on these updates upfront and shall plan in rolling out these changes during the non-business hours of North America

  • Payments / Charges

      There are no charges for membership of the client with Batch Solution

      The payment model of Batch Solution is based on “Pay for Use” principle in which, the client shall be charged on a monthly basis against their active program subscriptions

      The client will be presented with a monthly invoice against each program subscriptions that shall be presented itemized

      The details of charges shall be provided to the clients / customers at the time of subscription

      The monthly invoices shall be generated by 11:59 PM PST of the last calendar day in a month. Payments against these invoices shall be made by the client within 5 business days from the date of invoice

      A transaction charge of 2.9% of the total invoice value + 30 cents shall be added to the monthly invoice

  • Third Party Integrations

      Batch Solution is intended to provide III party integration with webservices provided by FedEx and UPS so the client can make shipment request for shipping DS forms. OBS shall not take liability for any service level misses from these providers

      Client has the ultimate discretion to make their choices on using these shippers from the Batch Solution Portal

  • Termination

      OBS may suspend, revoke or limit client’s access to Batch Solution if OBS determines there is a material breach of client obligations, a security breach or a violation of law

      OBS may also suspend client access with 3 upfront notifications, if invoices for 3 months are unpaid by the client

  • Governing Laws and Geographic Scope

      Both the parties agree to the application of the laws of the State in which the client operates from, without regard to conflict of law principles. The rights and obligations of both the parties are valid only in the country of client’s business address. It is also assumed that the client’s business operations shall be conducted within the geographical border of the US

  • General

      OBS is an independent contractor, not client’s agent, joint venturer or partner, and does not undertake to take any of client’s regulatory obligations or assume any responsibility for client’s business or operations

      Client shall not engage in any activities to poach employees of OBS or avail any services outside the scope of this BSA during the period of their membership with Batch Solution or for a period of 3 years after terminating their membership with Batch Solution