Packaging is Innovation....a note from the Product Owner…

    • What else can I ask for than launching Batch Solution, a cloud-based platform on the day 1 of a new financial year? Yes, it’s a “moment of wow” as we are going live with Batch Solution, a cloud-based solution delivered on SaaS platform to enable sponsor companies in the US involved in educational and cultural exchange programs with the SEVIS batch process. The solution removes the manual overheads involved in SEVIS batch process and provides a simpler but effective method to submit, track, receive and ship DS forms. All in a single place, on cloud, and secured.

      A quote on innovation says “Innovation is change that unlocks a new value”. I mention this here since Batch Solution epitomizes this change. It’s a bundle of features that are organized differently so it disrupts the status quo and brings in efficiency into the process. All it takes was an attempt and effort to look at status quo from a 3rd eye perspective and bit of packaging mindset to bundle a set of core features along with value adds that sits on top of these core features so it becomes a package.

      At the heart, the value map of Batch Solution will look as below,

    • Overall, we have come a long way from where we started. It’s been a great learning experience for the last one decade working with different programs and different customers from the cultural exchange domain. It gives me a sense of content that we are able to provide a solution to this industry that touches and addresses many of their existing pain points. But equally I also feel the industry is still underserved on the technology front. As a technology service provider, we take this opportunity to commit that we will work towards offering lot more productivity enablement solutions driven through technology for the days to come.

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