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  • WWCE was established over 20 years ago, and we are a Designated Sponsor of the BridgeUSA Programs by the US Department of State. We started using Batch processing a few years back. Before incorporating the J1FFY Batch, the DS processing was tedious, and it took a long time to process each DS form. Since using the J1FFY Batch, we reduced the processing time to several minutes, allowing our team to focus on program support services and spend time with our Exchange Visitors rather than tedious paperwork.
  • Marina - Cultural Exchange President - Responsible Officer, World Wide Exchange


    Hear from Cultural Exchange

Platform Features

Easy Upload

Uploading batches in J1FFY Batch is easy. You can either use our standard template or use your existing template. We have provided a simple workflow to map the column header in your excel spreadsheets with our standard definition that can be saved as a template for your future use.

Batches Dashboard

You can easily track the status of every batch that you upload by viewing the batch queues dashboard.

FeDEx / UPS Integration

Real time integration with FedEx and UPS to place and track shipments. No more hassles to plan on your shipments.

Pay for use

A transparent and pay for use subscription model. J1FFY Batch membership is free. You can subscribe to the batch process and you are charged ONLY based on the volume of records you upload. A monthly invoicing model with itemized statement. Click here to view a sample of our invoice model

DS FEE XML generator

You can generate DS fee XMLs for your batches. You also have the flexibility to define both single fee or differential fee for each batch record.

How it Works

Working with J1FFY Batch is hassle free. Complete your signup process and give us your user name and program # for alpha and beta environments of SEVIS Batches along with a PEM certificate. You are all set to get started!

Sign up

Signup with us for free. Once you signup with us, you can avail our free trial for a period of 2 weeks to test our platform. You can upload up to 20 records to your SEVIS test environments.


Upload Batches

Upload batch records can be done in 2 ways. You can either use our standard template or you can continue to use your existing templates to upload. We have a detailed walkthrough presentation in a video format on upload process. You can access this video once you login


Ship DS Forms

Now you can also print DS forms and place shipment request with FedEx or UPS so you can also track the shipment status. Our platform supports real time integration with FedEx and UPS through webservices based handshakes. Currently this feature is in development and will available for the Batch Solution customers from May’18


Receive DS Form

Once batches are submitted to SEVIS, our program will receive the DS forms automatically from SEVIS server at a pre-defined time interval. The received DS forms are also automatically mapped to the individual student / participant record so you can access these DS forms individually. No manual tracking is required any more.


Our Growing Clientele

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do we trust our data is Secured?

All the data uploaded into J1FFY Batch is stored in our secured virtual machines hosted on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud data centre located in the east coast region of North America

All data uploaded are securely stored in the Azure database that can be accessed directly only from allocated machine IP ‘s from the network of OBS

The database is additionally secured by a combination of username and password that are available only with few authorized personnel

Any data that are transported over public domain are encrypted using Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol that provides a very strong authentication, message privacy, and detects any unwanted message tampering, interception and forgery so it protects from these data risks

The J1FFY Batch platform is also configured behind a HTTPS protocol so that it creates a secured channel for any data transferred to / from J1ffy Batch over an in secured network

All data uploaded in the database is available only for authenticated users from the client office

How long can I avail free trial?

Free trial can be availed for 2 weeks from the date of signup. You will be allowed to use 20 records per program during the free trial

Why do you need to provide us with SEVIS user name and program # ?

We need the SEVIS credentials for your test environments - alpha and beta to get started with your free trial.

We need this since we submit your test records automatically from the batches you upload to your alpha and beta environments in SEVIS. Once this step is completed, SEVIS gives back their response by sending back the corresponding DS forms that can be downloaded against each student record you uploaded

However please be informed that we will only need user name and program # for your test environments and WE NEVER ASK FOR YOUR PASSWORDS!

Can we upload batch data in our own templates

Yes. There are 2 options to upload batch data. If you are looking for an easy approach, you can download our standard template we provide, fill in your batch data and upload it. We will take care of rest of the process. But, if you are comfortable using your own template need not worry. We provide an option to upload your template to J1ffy Batch. In this case, you will need to manually map the headers in your template with the headers that J1ffy Batch provides. It’s very simple and once you are done with successful mapping of headers, save and proceed to next step. This is a one time activity since J1ffy Batch allows you to add it as a template and save it for your future uploads.

Why do you need us to upload PEM certificate and certificate # ?

We need a .PEM certificate since this is a security protocol defined by SEVIS system. It helps the system to secure the data we send from our system to SEVIS by forming a wrapper. Also each sponsor is identified by the unique PEM certificate # along with the combination of user name and program #. Hence it serves 2 purpose, one acting as the security layer and another one as an authentication mechanism

Will you help us in uploading PEM certificate on our SEVIS environment directly?

Yes, you can write to us in the form below and we will circle back to you as soon as possible. Please provide us with the correct email id we can reach you at and also a contact #.

Alternatively, you can also write directly to

When do you need our SEVIS program # and user name for production environment?

We need your user name and program # for the production environment at the time of subscribing with us. We need this since we will begin to submit your batch records to your production environment. Again, we need only your user name and program # and not your password. WE NEVER ASK FOR YOUR PASSWORDS!

Do you need our passwords for any of our SEVIS environments?

No, we don’t need your passwords for any of your environment. We only need the SEVIS program # and user name

What are the J1 or F1 programs you support for SEVIS batch process?

Currently, we support Secondary School, Work and Travel, Internship and Training, Camp Counsel and AuPair programs. If your program type is not listed here, don’t worry. Please write to us using the form below with the program type you need support for. We can get you started on J1ffy Batch in 2 week. We are a continuously evolving platform and you contacting us would help us evolve

Alternatively, you can also write directly to

Do you sign Service Level Agreement?

Yes, we do sign a separate Service Level Agreement

Write to us

Have a question? Want to make sure if we support your program type? Or do you want to ask us something specific? Write to us below. We will circle back asap. Please don't forget to put us an email id or phone number to reach you at. Thanks for your time today. Have a good day!

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